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What You Can Expect

Getting to Lean will meet with the principles of your business, listen to your needs and perform an analysis of your problems. We’ll then come back to you with a suggested plan of attack. We’ll also give you a breakdown of our fees and time phase them to a list of deliverables or milestones in our plan. The initial consultation and proposal are free.

If you aren’t sure where your problems originate, we can perform a more detailed, for fee, analysis and let you know. Often we can tell you the magnitude of your problem(s) and what you’ll save by resolving it/them. If your problem obstructs your cash flow, we can tell you where the obstructions are and how much income you’ll generate by solving them.

KINDS OF PROBLEMS WE CAN RESOLVE: The list below is a partial one. It is only intended to give you a sense of how Getting to Lean can help you. If you have specific problems not listed here, give us a call.


• High defect rate in your product or service
• High scrap or rework of your product or service
• High return rate from your customers or field installers
• High cost of defective raw materials


• You’re unable to meet your promise dates
• You’re unable to meet your customer’s need dates
• Your competition can deliver similar products faster than you
• You continually experience stock outages


• Your product or service costs more than you quote
• Your margin on products is lower than estimated
• Your material costs are higher than projected
• Your labor costs are higher than projected


• Your income is frequently less than your expenses
• You are forced to request longer terms from your suppliers
• The time gap between receipts and expenses is large or growing


• Your retention rate is 80% or less
• The average age of your employees is 55 or greater
• The average length of service of your employees is 25 years or greater
• You have no formal plan to backfill critical skills or positions