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Why ‘G2L’?

Robert B. Camp was among the early practitioners of the Toyota Production System. He learned the tools of LEAN from a Sensei long before certification systems and belt programs. He was writing about the philosophies of LEAN well in advance of other mainstream authors.

Robert not only knows LEAN, he’s personally conducted well over 100 Kaizen events and dozens of Kaikaku events. He has also worked with multiple leadership teams, teaching how to create a business system that supports the gains made through Kaizen and Kaikaku.

Simply sustaining gains is not enough. G2L can teach you how to continually ratchet up your game by creating cascading metrics, an organization-wide accountability system and helping you to create a more nimble organization.

G2L can get you ahead of the competition using Hoshin (Strategy) Planning and more specialized tools like 3P & Statistical Process Control (SPC). We can teach you to use X-Matrices & A3’s as standardized reporting tools. We can help turn your suppliers into partners and aid you in developing a robust new product introduction system.

The question is not what can we do for you, but how far do you want to go, how good you want to be? G2L can take you the full distance.