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Lean Education

For most, LEAN is a whole new way of doing business. It involves new tools that make total sense once you’ve learned them, but are not what most of us were taught in college or even business school.

Tools like Setup Reduction, Standard Work, Value Stream Maps and 5S are the foundation of LEAN, but hard to learn from books. They are best learned through the experience of a Kaizen event that teaches, then immediately applies the concepts.

G2L is expert in teaching a LEAN concept, then conducting a Kaizen event using the concept, followed by a feedback session immediately after the event. For most adult learners, that’s the most effective method for picking up new concepts.

Running a LEAN business is VERY different from how you were taught in graduate school. Like learning to use the tools, learning how to run a LEAN business is best achieved using a learn-practice-coach methodology. G2L prides itself in effectively providing leaders all they need to achieve and sustain great results.