Posted on November 27, 2013 · Posted in Uncategorized
Really Leading
by Robert B. Camp
In my book, Go and See: A Journey About Getting to Lean, I make the statement: “You can’t lead from behind.”
Does that seem intuitively obvious?  Why, then, is it so common?
Why do so many leaders stay in their offices?  Why do they run things from their computers?  Why do they sift through the ashes of yesterday’s performance to try to find a path toward tomorrow?  Why do they keep their own counsel or gather subordinates who they won’t allow to challenge them?
I recall the statue of a young soldier that stands on the quad at the US Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Georgia.  The soldier holds a rifle in his left hand and has his right extended over his head motioning to those behind him to follow.  His head is turned backwards over his shoulder and his mouth is open as he yells encouragement to those behind.  Get the image?  The caption below the statue reads: “Follow Me.”
Leaders get out front.  
Leaders go first.  
Leaders show by example.
In the next few posts, I’ll talk about some of the behaviors of leaders I respect.